Agriculture 4.0

We also encourage the digitalization of the agriculture and offer one of the most important innovations in the field of agricultural engineering: the PLM.

With the PLM (Precision Land Management), operating costs can be reduced, the productivity is being enhanced and the driving comfort can be increased substantially. It is a lane guidance system aided by a GPS, which is an optimal support for the driver, in terms of precision, lane keeping and efficiency, also in difficult conditions. Furthermore, it can also be extended by a steering-assistant for more flexibility and comfort.

Find out more now and seek advice from our PLM-specialists:

Markus Trost
PLM expert
Birnweg 2
99976 Anrode/OT Lengefeld

+49 151 180688-41

Christoph Bischoff
PLM expert
Lauchaer Straße 13b
99880 Mechterstädt

+49 172 45978-34