With our overhaul-team, you have access to an extensive service for the restoration of threshing drums, augers, feed rollers, mulcher- and shredder shafts, as well as rotors of harvesters. To that, we own a mobile managed measuring instrument for the determination of an imbalance in shafts, drums and screws. The reparations require ultimate precision and practical experience of our employees. But since we are traditionally deeply ingrained with the overhaul of harvesters, we have the needed know-how to reach the best possible results for you. Our main focus is always the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our clients and lies at the heart of all our subjects. The service team guarantees giving advice and gladly arranges an appointment for an overhaul with you.

Niccolo Lischke
Master craftsman
Lauchaer Straße 13b
99880 Mechterstädt

+49 3622 9197-12